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How to survive a fertility treatment in summer

How to survive a fertility treatment in summer

By Reproclinic Editorial Committee

To get pregnant successfully it is essential to avoid stress. That is why many women decide to undergo a fertility treatment in summer, taking advantage of the calm of holidays. But, tranquility on vacation? With heat waves in between and unable to rest properly? We tell you how to survive it below.


Some studies have certified that there is a close relationship between stress and the options of becoming pregnant. And if work stress is added to the daily tasks and define medical appointments to undergo fertility treatment, stress increases.


The studies certify it


This is determined by a study conducted at the University of Liverpool (United Kingdom). Research says that when a woman is subjected to an episode of stress, the body produces adrenaline. This has a tendency to delay or slow down the production of the hormone responsible for releasing gonadotropin, which is essential in ovulation and in the reproductive cycle. 


From the Dutch University of Radbound comes another investigation in this regard, which determines that there is a significant relationship between the probability of becoming pregnant through an IVF treatment and stress and anxiety.


And moreover, a study by the University of Pittsburgh (United States) states that stress, depression and other mental disorders can alter the functioning of our body and also that of fertility.


Calm and relaxation


We have seen that anxiety and stress are the enemies of fertility and manifest themselves throughout the year. But that as soon as the body manages to relax it is the ideal time to be able to undergo a fertility treatment. That moment is summer, coinciding with the holidays. In fact, it is the time of the year when more women and couples decide to start the treatment to achieve their dream of becoming mothers, since they disconnect from the routine, they are more relaxed and the stress disappears.


However, relaxing in summer with heat waves in between, high temperatures, and the constant feeling of discomfort with yourself, is a bit complicated. For this reason, it’s important to take into account some tips to make you more bearable this time, and survive a fertility treatment in summer:



Drink lots of water is basic. You can also combine its consumption with natural fruit juices, as well as water spiced with fruit or iced infusions.


Fresh fabrics

In the collection of summer clothes, there are fabrics that are fresher than others, and that will make you more bearable on a daily basis, such as cotton, linen, silk or, even if you are surprised, cold wool. The latter is a relatively new proposal composed of a totally virgin woven wool fiber with a much more open weft. That is why it is so light and airy.



Avoid the hottest hours…


…to do exercise, sunbathing or outdoor activities.


Practice relaxation techniques: 

Yoga, meditation or tai chi are a good way to find inner peace, calm your body and turn the page of stress.


If you follow these tips you will have a more bearable summer and you will be less stressed because of the heat and you will put aside the headaches of your day to day.

At Reproclinic we want to help you fulfill your dream of motherhood. We want to offer you alternatives in fertility treatments so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Contact us we are waiting for you! 🙂


Published by Dr Maria Arqué

Medical Director at Reproclinic
Specialist in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine