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Reproclinic Editorial Committee

Through our articles, our aim is to offer interesting information, with the maximum rigor but in an entertaining and simple way. To this end, our Editorial Board, formed by the medical team of Reproclinic, supervises and actively collaborates in all our publications.

Meet our editors

Business Development


  • Arina Rogozina

Psychology Department


  • Marta Guerri
  • Atze Mena

Biology Department


  • Dra. Mariona Rius
  • Silvia Tabar
  • Alba Serra
  • Carla Pérez
  • Nuria Fosas

Patient and Medical Assistant Department


  • Claudia Martínez
  • Verónica Mazzara
  • Ana de la Fuente
  • Samar López
  • Gwenaël Navarro Bonnet