What you should know about the age restrictions in assisted reproduction
What you should know about the age restrictions in assisted reproduction

What you should know about age restrictions in assisted reproduction

By Reproclinic Editorial Committee

If you have ever wondered about which is the age limit for opting for an assisted reproduction treatment, we show you how legislation can change from one country to another.

Spain, the favourite place for Europeans

Currently it should be noted that Spain is the country chosen by 40% of European couples who opt for assisted reproduction treatment outside their country of origin. Of this percentage, the majority are French and Italian women. This is because success rates are among the highest in the world and the legislation is more advanced than in other European countries. In Spain, for instance, a non-resident person is allowed to perform assisted reproduction treatment in a private clinic.

Legislation on the age limit in assisted reproduction

In France, the age limit for assisted reproduction is 43 years, while in Italy there is no limit, but there is however a less open culture regarding this issue. Especially for single women and female couples, for whom assisted reproduction is still banned in both countries.

Legally, in Spain we must make the difference between public and private health. In public health, a the maximum age fixed for an in vitro fertilization treatment is of 40 years old; and 38, for artificial insemination with partner’s sperm; while the Spanish Fertility Society and private clinics advise against undergoing any treatment after 50 years old.

Why is there an age limit for assisted reproduction treatments?

When such techniques are carried out, the Spanish assisted reproduction law is very clear in this regard and shows that these techniques: “Will be carried out only when there are reasonable probabilities of success and they do not present any serious risk for the woman’s physical or mental health. ”On this point, the laws of different countries coincide, and that it is therefore important that the woman is correctly informed of the treatment she wants, since her possibilities may vary not only according to her age but also depending on the vital stage she is going through.

At this point, if we ask ourselves: is it possible to become a mother at 50 years old? The answer would be: yes, it is possible. And, indeed, thanks to advances in fertility, numerous cases are occurring over the world. However, it depends on each case and the circumstances surrounding it.

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Published by Dr Maria Arqué

Medical Director at Reproclinic
Specialist in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine