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The Reproclinic Method

We created the Reproclinic Method to bring reproductive treatments closer to people. Either because they don’t have advanced technology in their countries of origin, because they lack the necessary economic resources, or because the local legislation prevents them from accessing their fertility treatment.

The objective of the Reproclinic Method is to overcome geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers and make available to our patients the best fertility experts and the latest technology in reproductive medicine.

In Reproclinic we focus on offering a personalized service based on the support and professional advice throughout your treatment.


Motherhood today


At Reproclinic we know that family models have changed. We have a modern and different vision of today’s motherhood. Therefore, in our clinic you can find specific treatments designed for the current woman:

How is the Reproclinic Method characterized?


Affordable prices


Assisted reproduction available to everyone. We want to make your dream of being a father or mother a reality, without having to go into debt to become one. At Reproclinic you can access our treatments with prices up to 50% cheaper than in other countries (such as the United States or Canada).


Highly advanced technology


We have the latest advances in reproductive medicine and machinery of the latest model. No added costs in your treatment!




In the Reproclinic Method we believe that sincerity is key to the success of your treatment. For this reason, unlike other clinics, we will always tell you the truth. We will give you clear figures and real rates according to each case and diagnosis.


The medical team


Our specialists have extensive international experience. Our medical team, who can assist you in several languages, is highly qualified and aims to achieve the highest success rate.

When you start your treatment at Reproclinic, we will assign you a doctor, a personal assistant, and a biologist. They will accompany you throughout the process. A team totally focused on you!


Maximum safety in your treatment


At Reproclinic, biological safety is essential. In our clinic, we guarantee the traceability and safety of all biological samples. We work under the regulations of the country of origin and destination, guaranteeing security in all processes.

With the Witness system, all your biological samples are controlled at all times. We work with a total guarantee of safety and traceability with donors with our genetics laboratory.


How do we do it?


If you’re interested in partaking an assisted reproduction treatment and you reside outside Spain, we can help you! With the Reproclinic Method, you can meet the clinic and the medical team and start your treatment without leaving your home. We work hand in hand with your fertility specialist and you can perform part (or in some cases all) of your treatment in your country of origin. No matter where you reside!

In case you have to travel to Spain, we can coordinate everything so you only have to make a trip at the last moment. You can enjoy wonderful days in sunny Barcelona and we will help you plan your entire stay. Wait and see: these will be some unforgettable days!


Your specialists, one click away


Your first approach to our clinic will be in person or via Skype. Your personal assistant will show you the facilities and explain in detail the entire process.
Your assigned doctor will answer all your questions before starting the treatment and your biologist will explain the IVF process and the work in the laboratory.

In addition, you can make as many videoconferences as you deem necessary to clarify all your doubts. Your confidence and tranquility are a fundamental part of the Reproclinic Method!


Do you want to know more about the Reproclinic Method? Contact us now and discover why we are one of the increasingly growing clinics in Spain.


Published by Dr Maria Arqué

Medical Director at Reproclinic
Specialist in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

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