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Advantages of getting pregnant in autumn

By Reproclinic Editorial Committee

Many couples wanting to start a family plan the conception of their future child based on the month they want the baby to born, which is why many couples decide to fall pregnant in autumn so that they can give birth in the summer. But what are the other advantages of getting pregnant in autumn? We’ll explain it all below.

In general terms, autumn is the best time of the year. On a gastronomic level, it is the season of the best land products; nature colours change and give magnificent landscapes with mixtures of different shades of warm tones; the temperature is pleasant, the real cold has not yet arrived and it is not a time of allergies or mosquito bites. Isn’t it fantastic?


Advantages of being pregnant in autumn

Given this context, what are the advantages of being pregnant in autumn?

1- The sun: At this time of year, solar radiation is less intense. Pregnant women are less likely to get skin spots from sun exposure.


2- Swelling: During pregnancy, extremities are usually swollen, a condition that increases due to high temperatures. On the other hand, during this time, being cooler, the symptoms are not the same and do not have the same intensity.


3- Cold: To become pregnant in autumn means that your belly starts to show off in the middle of winter. With the progressive weight gain and hormonal changes your body undergoes, you may not be as cold as you would expect, so you may not need as much warm clothing as usual.


4- Social life: At this time of the year, it is also easier to go for a walk and enjoy your free time in the company of friends and family. All this without having to wait until the sun has set to enjoy a better temperature, as in summer.


5- To give birth in summer: It is for sure the best advantage of all. To give birth at the beginning of summer means not having to suffer the strong temperatures nor the waves of heat in an advanced state of gestation, with the discomfort that it can suppose. Like this, the future mother can, on the contrary, rest, get good nights’ sleep and feel more at ease with herself. It is moreover possible that birth coincides with family holidays and, thus, mothers can even be accompanied during the newborn’s first months of life.


Disadvantages of autumn pregnancy


Everything in life has some disadvantage or inconvenience and, in the case of autumn pregnancies, we’re talking about colds and flus. It is therefore important to take good care of yourself and to take the necessary precautions to avoid catching cold: recovery could slow down, thus prolonging the mother’s general malaise and could even be harmful for the baby.


That is why pregnant women are advised to get vaccinated against the flu and, in the event of suffering it, to go immediately to the doctor to be prescribed a treatment not harming the baby.


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Published by Dr Maria Arqué

Medical Director at Reproclinic
Specialist in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine