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Why to choose Spain for your Assisted Reproduction treatment?

By Reproclinic Editorial Committee

Spain is the country in Europe where most assisted reproduction treatments are held every year; thus being, together with the United States, the cradle of reproductive medicine.


Every year, Spanish fertility clinics receive a growing number of international patients. But why this increasement?


Far from what you might think, besides being an attractive destination for its tourist appeal, the reality is that Spain is totally at the cutting edge of assisted reproduction in Europe. The quality of the services offered, as well as the constant advances made in research to improve the treatments make success rates and effectiveness a guarantee of success and a factor to be taken into account when a patient decides to travel abroad to start a treatment.

On the other hand, the current legislation in Spain is more flexible than in other European countries. As a matter of fact, there are no restrictions for women that are considering single motherhood or women couples that can perfectly undergo any treatment to seek pregnancy. It is also the case that sperm and egg donations are not anonymous in most European countries, a fact that drives many of the candidates to drop the idea of completing any donation, which in turn leads to endless waiting lists to start a treatment. In Spain, donor’s anonymity is absolutely mandatory by law, and, thus, by the way, time problems are more easily avoided.


Why to choose Reproclinic to start a treatment in Spain?


At Reproclinic, we want you to finally choose our clinic among others because we’ve managed to make you feel at home. To do this, we’ll assign you a personal assistant, a nurse and a doctor who speak your language. The personal assistant will give you all the information and support you need and will help you book your trip and hotel, if needed. Once you arrive in Barcelona, a car can also pick you up at the airport and drive you to the hotel or clinic. Your personal assistant will be at your side once in the clinic to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


How do we work?


If you are thinking of having an assisted reproduction treatment and you don’t live in Spain, we will be glad to help you.
We are aware of the high degree of anxiety produced by the fact of having to fly to another country for treatment and the high emotional component of not being able to have children, and this is why we have developed a whole network so that you can already e-visit the clinic and meet your medical team from home.


How will we coordinate during treatment?




At Reproclinic, you will be assigned a specialist doctor, a patient assistant and a nurse who speak your own language and who will be your trusted and reliable contact people for the throughout the treatment. We want to personalize the whole process as much as possible and, therefore, your personal team will always be by your side.




You’ll have your first videoconference with your personal team via Skype or by any other mean of your choice and you will afterwards be able to do as many videoconferences as needed to clarify all your doubts.




Your own fertility specialist will start your treatment (medical tests and necessary analyses) at home and we will coordinate it all so that you don’t have to come until the very last moment.




Once you are ready, and according to the treatment undergone, you will travel to Barcelona between 3 and 7 days. Should you wish us to do so, Reproclinic can arrange all of it for you: flight, stay and everything you may need to spend some unforgettable days in Barcelona. Your patient assistant will be at your side at all times to help you. Please take note that, for an In Vitro Fertilization with your own eggs, the average stay is around 8 days and, for Egg Donation, around 3 days.




Once the embryos are transferred you can go back home where your referral gynaecologist will perform the Beta test and monitor the pregnancy.