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Alimentos que pueden ayudar a mejorar la calidad del esperma

These are foods that can improve sperm quality

By Reproclinic Editorial Committee

The rhythm of life, as well as the diet, have a direct effect on the women and men fertility, as we have seen previously. That’s why today we offer you a list of foods that can help to improve sperm quality.


When determining how fertile a man is or how healthy his sperm is, there are a number of parameters that define him:


  • Concentration of sperm cells in a sample.
  • Size and average shape of sperm cells in a sample.
  • Mobility of sperm.
  • Semen volume.


To have a healthy sperm which fulfills all parameters shown above there are a number of foods that may help to improve sperm’s health.


Vitamin A

Spinach is a product rich in vitamin A, which also helps to improve semen quality. In this case, what it does is intervene in the formation of androgenic steroids, which are  crucial in the creation of sex cells.


B12 vitamin

Together with vitamin B9 it’s the perfect recipe to improve sperm health. In addition, several studies have certified that this vitamin improves sperm mobility, reducing DNA damage from sperm cells. Clams, for example, are a product rich in vitamin B12.


Vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C contain antioxidant properties which are indicated to improve sperm mobility. Among the foods rich in this vitamin, orange and blueberries stand out.


Vitamin D

Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel and tuna especially) are products rich in this vitamin, which is vital for the health of our body. As for male fertility, this vitamin is associated with the increase in testosterone.


Vitamin E

It also has antioxidant properties, but in this case, foods rich in this vitamin help fight semen deficiencies, protecting your DNA. The product that stands out in this group are nuts. Of course, to get a good effect on the body it’s necessary to eat 75 grams a day of these nuts.



This mineral is found in pumpkin seeds, nuts, legumes, dairy products, shellfish, fish and eggs, among others. Zinc is a key element in the growth and development of sexual organs. Thus, what it does is improve the quantity and mobility of the sperm.



The star of all cinemas has a high content of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant. That’s why popcorn is good for improving the quality and morphology of sperm.



This vegetable has an important amount of vitamins A, B, C and E, and therefore it’s not only healthy to improve the vitality and morphology of sperm, but also for the body in general.


What to avoid?

On a daily basis there are habits that are probably not positive for your health or for your fertility. Consumption of alcohol, sugary drinks and ultra processed foods, as well as fast food is harmful. Likewise, tobacco also has a serious effect on your fertility and, for that reason. it’s important to avoid its consumption.


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