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The importance of holistic wellness in fertility treatments

Walking the path of fertility with an assisted reproduction clinic means, in most cases, going toward the path of successful motherhood. There are many factors that make it possible to achieve the dream of many women and couples, which has been hindered by an infertility problem.
At Reproclinic we have been engaged, from day one, to offer our patients a holistic treatment, which makes our assisted reproduction clinic a benchmark in this sector. An integrative support that was born to give an answer to each of our patients and couples, based on the special needs of each one of them, because each one of them is unique.
This value proposal aims to listen to patients’ needs and provide solutions that will allow them to achieve their dream, through our professionals who will advise them on complementary treatments that will improve their mental and physical health, and the balance of both. Undoubtedly, a different and integrated approach that has always set us apart from the competition.

What does our holistic vision consist of?

As we have mentioned, our assisted reproduction treatments are accompanied by medical alternatives to prepare our patients physically and mentally, and to be able to face the difficulties that have been appearing during the search for pregnancy. Emotional wellbeing and good reproductive and physical health are of great help in achieving fertility. In addition to creating a comfortable, calm and safe environment through personalised and effective treatment.
But which are our holistic treatments at Reproclinic? In our assisted reproduction centre there are many professionals who collaborate with us for the same purpose, to increase the family of our patients. We have coaches and psychologists specialised in assisted reproduction and fertility, nutritionists, acupuncturists, reflexologists from our country and other countries, in order to provide personalised treatment to our foreign patients, improving their physical-emotional balance.

Emotional support for national and foreign patients

At Reproclinic we have created an emotional support programme, both for our national and foreign patients, in which they can share all their doubts, insecurities and fears with other patients, in a safe and calm environment, during the entire treatment stage and will be given tools to reduce anxiety levels, manage emotions and thus be able to face the process in the best way possible.
These meetings, at national level, will be held in our clinic and will be led by our psychologist Ariadna Bonals, specialised in fertility, who will mediate the session and provide advice on how to live the process better. They will last an hour and a half, and this year they will take place on 1st and 22nd December.
For foreign patients, these sessions will take place via Zoom, led by Stéphanie Toulemonde. They will also last an hour and a half, and will take place this year on 23 November and 14 December, at 18:30.

Nutrition service

Our patients’ diet and weight have more influence on fertility than we think. It has been proven that a good diet is linked to good reproductive health, both for women and men, and through a controlled diet we can considerably improve the prognosis of the cycle.
For this reason, at Reproclinic we provide our patients with a nutrition service, led by specialists, in order to offer nutritional support and diagnosis. Thus, nutritional deficiencies will be detected and duly treated, nutrition programmes will be designed and diets will be proposed in order to solve gynaecological disorders and illnesses.


Acupuncture is one of the key treatments for fertility methods, increasing the effectiveness of each technique! But what is the reason for this? Well, this therapy, which consists of inserting fine needles in different strategic places in our body, manages to increase the chances of pregnancy by up to 65% thanks to the following factors:

  • Regulate endogenous and fertility hormones.
  • Regulate the sympathetic nervous system, endocrine and neuroendocrine systems.
  • Improve luteal function and uterine flow.
  • Reduce stress, an emotion that is 100% incompatible with fertility.
  • Normalise cortisol levels.
  • Promote embryo implantation.
  • Normalise the menstrual cycle and regulate reproductive hormone levels.


This practice is very effective in a wide range of pathologies and to promote relaxation and wellbeing of the patient. Thanks to the pressure applied to certain reflex points on the foot, it stimulates a part of the body that needs to be worked on and helps to restore balance in a natural way.
Therefore, if the entire reproductive system is manipulated, this can be achieved:

  • Re-establish the balance of the reproductive system.
  • Improve problems in the fallopian tubes, menstruation or ovulation.
  • Relieve symptoms of diseases and disorders such as endometriosis or PCOS.
  • Improve sperm production and functionality.
  • Improve certain levels of our body.

There is no doubt that our professionals and our holistic approach are a great physical and emotional support for all those women and couples who place their great dream in our hands: that of becoming mothers, of creating a family. And at Reproclinic we are very proud of how we approach our treatments and how we accompany our patients throughout the process.
If you would like to know more about our holistic service and integrative support, please do not hesitate to contact us, without any obligation.