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Reproclinic, clínica que mejor servicio ofrece al paciente

Reproclinic, the clinic that offers the best service to the patient

We have been awarded, once again, by WhatClinic with the Patient Service 2021 Award. A gratification that we have achieved, thanks to offering an excellent service in the care and attention of the patient and maintaining the constant focus on providing positive experiences to all those people who, to achieve their dream, have trusted us. At Reproclinic we are very proud of this new award, which gives us more strength to continue working under the same motto One patient = one team.

WhatClinic, every year, analyzes countless clinics, their reviews, their communication, their service to the patient, their friendliness, results… And all those centers, which meet the high standards in care and experience, receive this prestigious award! For this reason, this company, a specialist in health clinics, has once again valued our work and our essence: through an incredible team and our objective, to provide the highest quality and care.

Thanks to this essence, many national and foreign patients choose us as their assisted reproduction clinic, in order to achieve their dream and make it come true. An added value, without a doubt, that makes us stand out from other fertility clinics.

The patient’s experience is the most important point in an assisted reproduction treatment and, therefore, in a specialized clinic.

One patient, one team

At Reproclinic, each patient is assigned a single team, made up of a doctor specializing in sterility, an assistant and a medical coordinator, who speak their language, and who begin and end the treatment supporting them 100% at all times.

Our treatment is very personalized and permanent. We are always in contact with the patient, both by email and through other channels that the patient prefers. We are able to answer any question, to accompany them, provide them everything that is necessary and put all the focus on the treatment and its success.

And in order to achieve this goal, at Reproclinic we also created, from the beginning, a comprehensive support service, with which our patients and couples could carry out complementary treatments, such as psychological support, reflexology, nutrition, acupuncture or yoga, and being able to improve both their emotional health and reproductive health.

Each patient needs a different formula, and Reproclinic has the mission of creating and organizing this formula to achieve what is desired: expand the family! For this reason, we collaborate with an extensive network of specialists, with whom we can go beyond medicine and provide comprehensive treatment. Ask us and we will advise you!

Our valued treatment to foreign patients

One of our strengths, without a doubt, is the personalized and individualized attention that we provide to each of our foreign patients. An international patient needs stronger support at the medical-care level. Why? Well, for several reasons: because the medical tests must be coordinated in their country, we have to adapt to their schedules, we have to provide facilities when they have to travel to our clinic, etc.

When a patient decides to seek treatment outside her country, many uncertainties and doubts are created… What will the clinic be like? Will we understand each other? Do they work well? among endless questions. Anxiety, overwhelm, and pressure on the expected positive result increase. All this means that we must take care of all the details to offer the maximum information to the patient, offer them the time they need to make informed decisions and coordinate the medical tests in their country, we have to adapt to their schedules, we have to provide facilities to the time to be able to move to our clinic, etc.

Without a doubt, our great work in 2021 has been rewarded, and the entire Reproclinic team is very happy to have received this renowned award from WhatClinic. We want to thank you for your assessment and your trust, always, in our assisted reproduction clinic.
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