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Reproclinic, professionals dedicated to IVF treatment Barcelona

Do you know what our IVF Barcelona treatment consists of? It is a technique that is based on the union of an oocyte and a sperm in the laboratory, with which embryos are obtained that will be cultured for six days and those with the highest quality will be selected. At Reproclinic we give you the possibility to achieve your dream, through our advanced techniques!

In Vitro Fertilization is indicated for those women who, after several artificial inseminations, have not achieved pregnancy; women with poor quality eggs; who suffer from tubal lesions, who need a preimplantation genetic study or whose partner has low sperm quality.

The pregnancy rate of an in vitro fertilization is very high, higher than the other assisted reproduction treatments that exist, although the chances of pregnancy depend on many factors.

Types of IVF Barcelona that we perform at Reproclinic

Own eggs
Women who can perform IVF on their own can use their partner’s semen or of a donor (for single mothers, female partners, or for those couples whose men have very low sperm quality).

How is the IVF process with your own eggs? Well, firstly, it is necessary to carry out ovarian stimulation, in which the woman must administer hormonal injections that stimulate the ovaries every day for 15 days. This process should consist of a review, 3 or 4 times in our clinic, to see how the follicles are growing and how they are maturing, through an ultrasound and a blood test.

Once the eggs are mature, the ovulatory discharge will be carried out, to obtain the possible number of oocytes that, later in the laboratory, will be united by the sperm, that is, fertilization will be carried out, either conventionally or by means of ICSI technique (introducing the sperm into the ovum through a micropipette).

Finally, the embryo culture and the selection of the embryos will be carried out, so that they are later transferred into the woman’s uterus. Only those that are of good quality will be vitrified and transferred. The woman must prepare her endometrium to receive these embryos, through medication.

Donor eggs
On many occasions, unsuccessful pregnancy attempts are caused by the poor quality of the eggs. So, finally, a more effective alternative is in vitro with donor eggs.

This kind of treatment is ideal for those couples or women whose eggs do not have quality, suffer from diseases that can be harmful to the embryo or lesbian couples who want to do the ROPA method.
The process will be the same as the previous one, but eliminating the ovarian stimulation step and ovulatory discharge, since this procedure will be performed on the woman who will donate the eggs.

If you want us to help you become mothers, visit our clinic and our specialists will analyze if the best treatment for you or as a couple is our IVF Barcelona.