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Mindfulness exercises during your fertility journey


Is it possible to increase your chances of a successful fertility treatment by means of mindfulness exercises? Yes, it is!


In our busy lives, we are used to overcoming all kinds of challenges but, most of the times, we don’t even stop to think about how we feel in the process. Apart from that, we tend to worry too much about things we can no longer change from our past, or some hypothetical future scenarios of what could go wrong. It is precisely these things that keep us from being fully present in the moment where we find ourselves in.

The concept of mindfulness seems to be quite complex at first, but in reality, it all comes down to acknowledging and accepting our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, without any pressure to control them. By practicing mindfulness, we allow ourselves to reap some much-needed benefits, such as self-compassion, new insights, and a more profound awareness of our current state.

But how exactly are mindfulness and fertility related to each other? Put simply, mindfulness provides us with a solution for our struggles stemming from the fear of the unknown and from doubting ourselves. We need to be able to accept things as they are, especially when we are undergoing fertility treatments. A prerequisite is to let go of any expectations we have of ourselves and of others, and simply trust the process, without any judgment.

Now, let’s focus on how we can incorporate mindfulness into our fertility journey. Luckily, we don’t need any special tools to work with, rather we simply use what we already have. It could be challenging to rewire our brains and change our normal way of thinking, but our efforts will surely pay off in the long term, in all aspects of our lives.

Dedicate a few minutes a day to center yourself in the present moment, by allowing your thoughts to simply come and go. Avoid the temptation to restrict any thoughts you might have, as this is the only way in which you will be able to understand the logic behind your fears and emotions. Seek to see where your mind wanders when you close your eyes and try some breathing techniques to calm your heart rate if you ever feel anxious. Remember that we exist in the present, and we only have direct influence on the present moment. It is suggested that the human brain has more than 60,000 thoughts per day, which should remind us that we are not every single one of our thoughts, rather they are merely objects of our minds. Therefore, we shouldn’t go down the rabbit hole all because of one specific thought.

Try implementing some affirmations in our daily life so as to remind yourself of how you would like to feel. Many people use post-it notes with words of encouragement, acceptance, and self-love, and leave them around their homes. Others prefer to repeat affirmations out loud until they start to feel peace, joy, and gratitude. Instead of doubting yourself and your lifestyle, try giving yourself grace during this journey filled with ups and downs. A good rule of thumb in order to remember to treat yourself with kindness is to not say things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend, for instance. Surely, if you know someone who is going through the same situation as you, you will lift them up, not bring them down, right?

Journal your thoughts daily or weekly to find inner calm and to ensure that you are not hyper-focused on a given aspect of your life to the detriment of others. By reading your past journal entries, you can perform a mental health check on yourself and ensure that you are always kind to yourself. Perhaps, you would also observe that you have some recurring thoughts, which could help you become more aware of what exactly is making you feel distressed. Still, there is something good in every day to be grateful for, no matter what news we might get.

Truth be told, it is not easy to stay present and mindful, but the good news is that it is not hard either… It just takes practice. We should take things one step at a time, as we do with everything else in our lives, and be patient with ourselves on our journey to self-love and acceptance. Over time, these new habits will become part of your daily routine and will provide you with enough support as you navigate through your fertility journey. Each of us has a purpose in life, and our worth does not depend on whether we become parents on the first try or not.

Our team at Reproclinic knows that it is for the best to reduce your anxiety levels and to truly connect to your body, during your fertility treatments. This is why we offer face-to-face or group fertility coach sessions: to provide you with some useful advice, and to reassure you that we will do everything in our power to make your dream come true.

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