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Method ROPA in Spain

Method ROPA in Spain, motherhood in female couples

Science, with the passage of time, is advancing, to the point of having treatments such as the
Method ROPA in Spain. A process of In Vitro Fertilisation that brings smiles, creates illusions
and fulfils dreams for all those couples of women who want to be mothers and share their
motherhood with the person they love. If you are thinking of entering the world of fertility with
Reproclinic, pay attention to this innovative assisted reproduction treatment!

How many times have you, as a female couple, thought about becoming a mother and had the
uncertainty of how to go about it? Or the possibility of becoming a mother and not knowing
which of you would undergo the treatment? Motherhood is something very important, in
which both members of the couple must feel comfortable and that they are a key part of the
process. From this uncertainty and need, this method was born, an In Vitro Fertilisation where
the main protagonists are the TWO women.

And you may ask, how can two women be involved in an assisted reproduction treatment?
Very simple! One of them is the egg donor, the one who provides the genetics in this beautiful
process, and the other, the one who engenders the embryo obtained with her egg. Thus, we
put on stage the biological mother and the gestational mother, so that both are fully involved
in the process, and neither is left out of it.

How do you choose who is the donor mother and who is the gestational mother? Of course,
this is a decision that must be discussed and made by the couple. However, as specialists in this
field, we always advise that the donor should be the youngest. However, if you want to carry
out two ROPA method treatments with different time spacing, but with the roles exchanged,
we advise that the first to donate the eggs should be the oldest woman. Obviously, we should
make sure that everything works correctly and that there is no problem or anomaly that would
make it difficult and that she is under 40 years of age. In this way, the first fertilisation would be
carried out with the eggs of the oldest woman, and in the next process, the roles would be
reversed and the eggs would be from the youngest.

What is the Method ROPA in Spain?

Patients must undergo a process that is divided into different stages: blood tests and diagnostic
tests to analyse the reproductive health status of both women in the couple; ovarian

stimulation of the donor (daily injections to produce more than one egg) that will last between
10 and 20 days; the puncture of the eggs that will be aspirated through a cannula inserted
through the vaginal cavity and follicles will be extracted which, later, with the sperm of a donor,
will end up becoming embryos. Once the embryos are in the laboratory, they will be monitored
by our biologists to check their development and then classified according to their morphology.
This process will be essential to decide which three embryos are of the highest quality.

At this stage is when the other woman enters the scene, the pregnant mother, who will have to
carry out an endometrial preparation with oestrogens and progesterone to ensure that her
endometrial thickness is optimal to receive the embryo. Thanks to this process, the chances of
pregnancy will increase. Once the uterus is prepared, the embryo will be transferred! The
remaining embryos will be vitrified and stored at a temperature of -196 °C! Embryos that can
be used in subsequent cycles, if the couple wishes.

Why Reproclinic for motherhood sharing

At Reproclinic each project, each patient, each family is unique. And as unique, no one has the
same needs, nor the same treatments… At our fertility clinic, we want to listen to you and
make your dream come true. We will decide which process is the most suitable for you, a
process in which we will accompany you, assisted by the same team throughout its duration.
Would you like more information about the Method ROPA in Spain? We encourage you to
come to Reproclinic and make your first consultation, where we will explain the process in
detail and answer all your questions. Let nothing stop you from achieving your dream!