Interview with Olimpia and Susi about the reciprocal IVF method experience - Reproclinic
Entrevista a Olimpia y Susi sobre su experiencia con el método ROPA

Interview with Olimpia and Susi about the reciprocal IVF method experience

“The fact of knowing that part of me is growing in Susy, is something that cannot be described in words”

The reciprocal IVF method (Reception of Oocytes from the Couple), is an in vitro fertilisation treatment that allows female-female to become mothers with shared motherhood. One female will be the one donating the eggs and the other that will be carrying the pregnancy.

This procedure is carried out through an external sperm donor and allows both women to become biological mothers and actively participate in the pregnancy.  Without doubts, the evolution of science and the great work carried out by reproduction clinics such as ours, allows us to fulfil shared dreams as in the case of Olimpia and Susy, an Italian couple aged 33 and 42 who, after some failed attempts, decided to go  for this method and start a new project in Spain. A very beautiful and unique path where both have been the great protagonists!

Why did you decide to go for this method and not another one? 

When we decided to become mothers together, for financial reasons, we started performing IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) treatments in Italy and Denmark. After several attempts, we became pregnant only once. However, after two months, we unfortunately lost the baby. It was a very painful moment in our lives, but we did not lose hope! We continued to research and discovered the Reciprocal IVF method (Reception of Oocytes from the Couple) and we loved it! But there was a problem, in Italy the law does not allow this treatment. It was at this point that we started looking for clinics in Spain.

Why did you decide to share your dreams with Reproclinic?

Searching on the internet, we found several clinics in Spain, but of course we didn’t know any of them, they all seemed similar! We discovered a platform called “Futuri Genitori ” that offered us an online consultation with two clinics in Barcelona, and one of these was Reproclinic! We carried out this online consultation with Dr. Arqué, and felt very comfortable from the start. We found her pleasant and very professional.

After the consultation with the doctor, we talked with Veronica, our medical assistant, and a nice relationship of trust was created from the beginning. We decided to travel to Barcelona to visit the clinic and meet the team. When we arrived, we felt very welcome, all the staff were very friendly, and the clinic was superb and new, we felt at home! 

How did you go through this process?

We have lived it with much serenity. Our main problem was the economic aspect, but after several sacrifices, we were able to save in order to achieve our dream. Perhaps it is more complicated to make the decision than to carry out the treatment, because once we started, everything was very easy! 

The clinic has supported us at every stage, speeding up the whole process. To avoid having to travel too often, we were able to carry out all the required tests in Italy and send the results to Reproclinic. Veronica organised a second visit for us to analyse the results, with Dr Arqué, who confirmed that everything was fine and that we could start our treatment.

What would you say to a couple of women who are considering this treatment at Reproclinic?

Since, thanks to Reproclinic, we have successfully become mothers, we have to share our story, privately with friends and publicly on social media, where several people got in touch with us to ask questions and find out more about the method and the clinic. With no doubt, we have recommended this clinic to all of them, not only because of our positive results, but also because there is a great team behind it with whom we continue to be in contact even today. This centre forms and will always form part of our family!

This interview is an example of the happiness of many female couples who have been able to carry out a shared motherhood and participate actively in it. We are thrilled to be able to be at the side of many couples in this special and dreamed-of stage. If you want to make your dream come true like Olimpia and Susy with us, we are here for you!