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Fertile days

How to know your most fertile days?

If you want to get pregnant, knowing your most fertile days can help in the process, but it is convenient not to become obsessed with the calendar as it can cause stress or erection problems due to pressure. It is good to know your fertile days to have more sexual encounters in those days, not forgetting that the process of conception can be long and that being in the fertile days of your cycle does not mean that you will get pregnant on the first try.


How to calculate my fertile days?

Each woman is a world, so each menstrual cycle is also unique. With an ovulation calendar and having a regular menstruation it is possible to calculate the most fertile days of a woman.

Pregnancy is possible on different days since ovulation can be altered as well as hormones, but with a cycle of an average duration of 28 days, the chances of getting pregnant increase considerably during ovulation, which takes place at day 14th from the beginning of menstruation, and during the next 3 days.


What else should I keep in mind to know if I am on my fertile days?

Depending on how your menstrual cycle is, your fertile days can vary. If you have an irregular menstrual cycle or you want to assure which days you are more fertile, there are alterations in your body that can warn you of these days like the basal temperature or the change of your vaginal discharge.


Basal temperature and vaginal discharge as a measure of female fertility

Basal temperature is the temperature we have when we get up. The method used to know when a woman is fertile, based on her basal temperature, is called the symptothermal method of fertility. When you establish a pattern of your temperature changes on several months on specific days of the menstrual cycle, it will be possible to calculate when ovulation is taking place.

To know how to detect your ovulation days following this method, you will have to make a table where your normal basal temperature should be between 36.5º and 36.7º. The days when this temperature increases between 0.3º and 0.5º compared to normal days, means that ovulation has already taken place, so the most fertile days will be the days before this change.

Another of the hormonal changes that you can notice and will help you to know your fertile days is the vaginal discharge. The normal discharge of a woman when she is not in the period of ovulation (when she is not fertile) has a color between white and yellow and can be abundant. However, when we notice that the cervical mucus changes its texture to a more sticky, abundant and transparent, it is a sign that it is the moment of ovulation and therefore of the increase in fertility.

The first day you notice this change in the cervical mucus will be the most fertile day, this natural process helps sperm reach the egg. As the amount decreases and the discharge becomes drier, the fertile period will be ending.


How can I know my fertile days if I have an irregular cycle?

Many women have an irregular menstrual cycle, with some months without their period or periods with very different durations. If you have recently stopped taking hormonal contraception, your menstrual cycle may take between one to three months to return to normal. From that moment you can apply the techniques we mentioned above.

If you haven’t achieved after having spent a year trying to get pregnant naturally, it’s time to go to a professional who will perform a series of tests to find out what the problem is.

In general terms, with a regular menstrual cycle, to know your fertile days it is important that you know your body, know how your menstrual cycle is, the temperature changes you suffer, the discharge and the symptoms that you feel during each cycle and not only the days indicated as the most fertile.

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