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What is the two-week wait (2WW) and how can I deal with it?

What is the two-week wait (2WW) and how can I deal with it?


The two-week wait (2WW) is the period of time from the moment when the embryo transfer is carried out until the day of the pregnancy test, which is normally around 15 days after.

This phase generates a high level of emotional stress: regardless of whether it is the first time you are undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment or not, the uncertainty of what the result will be is always present.

During this time, stress and anxiety levels can be very high and it depends on each person’s resources to cope with them. We know that, in this case, the usual waiting of about 15 days can seem like years, and even more so when what we are waiting for is the result of such an important life project, leaving behind the difficult moments we have experienced and with the hope of receiving the expected “positive”.

It is frequent that, during this waiting time, the woman tends to think that certain actions or attitudes can improve the result of the treatment. It is also very common to feel the compulsion to maintain a positive attitude, to avoid some movements, to be constantly looking for information in forums and websites or even to be continuously going to the loo just to make sure that you are not spotting.

How can I deal with the two-week wait (2WW) ?

One of the most beautiful times for a baby to develop and grow is the 2 weeks wait. We often associate our two weeks wait period as a time to slow down physically to allow implantation to occur, however our mind is in the overactive mode and our thoughts are running wild. This is an invitation for you to allow your thoughts to have a rest and holiday so create the ideal environment to enhance implantation.  As a Fertility Health Coach I share the below techniques during my one to one sessions as well as offer it as a recording to support clients.

Interrupt worry

It is natural to worry when all you want is have a positive pregnancy test and hold your baby in your arms. Let us try and make a conscious effort to interrupt worry when we start over thinking. One of the ways is to engage in the 7-11 breathing. It is a fantastic, gentle and simple way to activate your relaxation state to help you ground and feel centred. It is the power of distraction to change the direction of your attention to your breath, to the source of life which will nourish you and your baby for the next nine months.

Positive mental Focus

Let us adopt a detective role during the 2 week wait period. Each time you catch your mind indulging in negative thoughts, notice it, give it a label and then watch it float away into the distance. Our mind has the negativity bias however we can transform our thoughts and state of mind to be in a state of emotional balance. It is not about suppressing our concerns and becoming positive, rather it is validating our worries, keeping them at a distance as they are necessary to act if necessary. All we need to do is to empower ourselves to visualise our baby being implanted and nurtured through our love and compassion.

Tap into your inner strength

We are in the middle of the 2 week wait because we long for a child.  There is a lot that we have gone through in our life before we’ve come to this point. There have been pitfalls that we have overcome to make us the person who we are today. So choose to sow the seed of hope of carrying our baby in our arms. Tune into your innate strength that you already possess. Makes choices be courageous and brave.


Arty Amarisa – Mindset Educator & Fertilty Health Coach