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What is the IVF price? Discover all the details about this treatment

In vitro fertilization is an assisted reproduction technique that can be performed in the case of couples who cannot conceive, couples of women or single women. If you are interested in these procedures, at Reproclinic we can help you make your dream come true. We will give you all the information related to this procedure and the IVF price.

It is essential that you have all the information, before entering this adventure. For this reason, we recommend that you contact us so we can organize a first appointment and learn about your case.

Reproclinic is your trusted clinic and we will accompany you throughout the treatment so that you feel calm at all times.

IVF price: at Reproclinic we offer you different options

Our greatest concern is the well-being of our patients and we want them to worry about what is really important. Therefore, we offer you the possibility of using a service that will allow you to finance 100% of the treatment.

You can contact us through our telephone line 93 655 23 34 and we will give you more information. In addition, to start the whole process it will be necessary for us to know your situation and we will offer you the most appropriate option.

As we mentioned, for us the most important thing is the well-being of our patients, both physiologically and psychologically. It is essential to take into account all the factors that can influence this type of treatment and, at Reproclinic, we offer complete care.

That is why we offer you help throughout the treatment through different techniques to give you a totally comprehensive support:

  • Nutrition. Maintaining a good diet is essential to achieve benefits in your body, but it is also important for your reproductive health. At Reproclinic, we offer you nutritional support so that you can improve this aspect of your daily routine.
  • Acupuncture. There are some relaxation techniques that can help you increase the chances of getting pregnant. In our center, you will have the opportunity to go to our acupuncture expert to discover the benefits of this technique.
  • Reflexology. This is another relaxation technique that applies pressure to certain areas of the feet in order to relax the patient. It can also achieve deep relaxation of the person and help the treatment to be successful.

Another of our goals is to eliminate geographical barriers and make our treatments accessible so that everyone can have the opportunity to achieve their dream of becoming mothers.

If you decide to come to our center you will find great professionals and innovative facilities where you can carry out the process. We recommend you to contact us and we will give you all the information you need about IVF procedures and price.