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assisted reproduction in Spain

What is assisted reproduction in Spain?

The path of motherhood can be very long, if you do not have the right help. If you are interested in
having more information about assisted reproduction in Spain. At Reproclinic we are committed to
accompanying you throughout the treatment.

These techniques are solutions that can be used by couples, who have problems conceiving or for
women who want to have children. There are different treatments that can be adjusted to the needs
of each case.

Therefore, we recommend that you contact us so that we can have all the information about your
situation and explain what will be the best technique for you. You can find us by calling 93 655 23 34.

What techniques of assisted reproduction in Spain exist?

Reproclinic is your trusted center to start your adventure of being mothers. We have great
professionals and modern facilities so that you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.
As for our services, we are experts in this field and these are the techniques that you can perform
with us:

    • Artificial insemination. It consists of introducing the most optimal sperm into the woman's
      uterus so that they fertilize an egg. The goal is to help fertilization.
    • In vitro fertilization. It is another type of assisted reproduction in Spain. It consists of
      fertilizing an egg with a sperm in the laboratory and then transferring the embryo to the
      woman’s uterus. This technique can be carried out due to different factors, including poor
      semen quality. This treatment can be performed with sperm from the partner or from a donor.
    • Reception of oocytes from a female partner. It is indicated for couples of women who
      want to be mothers. Both participate in the entire process and, in order to carry out this
      technique, the Spanish Assisted Reproduction Law requires that they are married.

At Reproclinic we are experts in these types of techniques and we can advise you on what is the best
treatment for your case. We must know your case, so we recommend that you contact us to have a
first consultation as soon as possible.

Also, if you are thinking of becoming mothers, but you consider that it is not the best time yet, you
can find out about our egg vitrification technique. It is indicated for women between 34 and 35 years
old or who have low ovarian reserve, among other cases.

If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will give you all the details. In addition,
Reproclinic is present in different European countries, so we offer our services outside of Spain. We
can follow up virtually and you will not have to travel to our center in Barcelona until the final phase
of the process.

Reproclinic is your trusted center for assisted reproduction in Spain. Call us for more information!