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The role of reflexology in the fertility world

On 24th February, at Reproclinic, we held a webinar on how to optimise the fertility journey, led by Arina Rogozina, international business development manager at Reproclinic, and Myriam Oorts, founder of BabyMakingCoching and collaborator at our assisted reproduction clinic.

This is not the first time that this topic has been discussed in a webinar organised by us. At Reproclinic we want to offer you the best integrative support in this journey that you have decided to start and that, sometimes, can be long and tedious. As specialists in this world, we will be able to give you all those tips that will be very useful to increase your fertility.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, we have been increasingly committed to carrying out complementary therapies to assisted reproduction treatments, in order to improve the fertility of both women and men, as well as helping to achieve the best state of physical and psychological health at the time of starting the assisted reproduction treatment. And reflexology is one of them! For this reason, in this article we want to focus on this therapy, which is so widely used in the world of assisted reproduction and fertility!

Reflexology is a technique that consists of massaging the hands and feet, stimulating certain points related to infertility. In this way, these points are treated and unblocked.

Why is reflexology a key to fertility?

At the time of having a baby, it is important to let ourselves flow and reduce as much as possible the anxiety and stress that occurs when the desired pregnancy does not come.

In addition, problems such as tubal obstruction, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) such as chlamydia, menstrual problems, diseases such as endometriosis or other aspects that affect fertility can be treated through this therapy.

Therapy helps to activate the body’s energy channels, unblocking them, especially the points located in the reproductive system.

Reflexology is a very effective practice to reduce stress levels, to maintain an optimal balance in our body’s hormonal function, and to give good emotional and physical support to our body.

Benefits of this fertility technique

Fertility depends on the balance of hormones that act in our reproductive organs. For this reason, reflexology sessions will help to stimulate the pituitary gland, promoting the hormonal balance of the patient’s body, the elimination of toxins from the body, the reduction of inflammatory processes and to strengthen the immune system. In addition to activating the body’s reflex zones of the reproductive system.

More specifically in patients undergoing assisted reproduction treatment, reflexology performed prior to treatment helps to prepare the endometrium to receive the embryo. It is advisable to perform it before and after the embryo transfer, since, once the embryo has been transferred, reflexology acts by increasing the blood flow to the tissues (endometrium) and, consequently, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to this area, preparing it for the reception of the embryo and the gestation of the future baby.

Before and after this treatment, an energetic reflexology or a specific massage on the area will help to increase the success of the so-called reflex zone therapy. (Myriam Oorts)

Once pregnancy is achieved, reflexology improves first trimester nausea, pelvic pain and foot pain, due to weight overload and shifting of load points during pregnancy.

Other reflexology benefits

Reflexology offers us multiple benefits for our body beyond fertility:

  • To achieve muscle relaxation and reduce or eliminate tension in the body.
  • To improve circulation, increasing blood flow to the tissues and reducing inflammatory processes.
  • To improve the hormonal system and all diseases or pathologies involving hormonal imbalance.
  • To bring greater physical and emotional balance to the patient, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • To improve a better sleep


If you want to know more about our reflexology service, you can contact us or ask for a first consultation with us. Also, we encourage you to watch the entire webinar by Arina Rogozina and Myriam Oorts on how to optimise your fertility journey.