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Psychological tips

Suggestions during the two-week wait (beta HCG waiting time):

• Keep your mind busy.
• Distinguish between the things that depend on you, and those that do not.
• Slow down the pace of your day-to-day life and remember to take care of yourself.

The two-week wait is usually one of the most complicated stages to handle because these are the days when your mind comes up with a thousand possible scenarios, and where it raises many expectations, but at the same time, it fights against all your fears.

To be able to cope with this stage, it is important to try to occupy your mind with things that make you feel good.

It is also very useful to distinguish between the things that depend on you and those that do not so that you can focus only on those dependent on you. For example, when you need to take some medication or rest, these are things that depend on you and, therefore, if you focus on doing them well, you can feel good about yourself. On the contrary, the implantation of the embryo does not directly depend on you, therefore, it is not necessary to preoccupy your mind with something that you cannot control.

During these days, you must prioritize rest to increase the possibility of becoming pregnant, and it is essential to slow down the pace of your everyday life, kiss your stress goodbye, and take extra care of yourself.