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Our holistic service at our IVF clinic in Barcelona

If there is something that makes us different from other clinics, it is our holistic service. In our IVF Barcelona clinic we have a very clear objective: to be able to give our patients and couples a full service that will accompany them during this very important and special journey and that allows to balance body and mind during the search for pregnancy.

Without a doubt, every person is unique, and at Reproclinic we know that for sure! Therefore, in each project in which we are involved, we need to carry out one treatment or another, by a different and personalized integrating approach. Thus, comprehensive support must be different for each patient, for each couple and respectful of their needs. And in response to this, we personalize each treatment with a completely holistic vision.

We know that the journey to fertility can be, in some cases, a long and tedious road. For this reason, we offer a large list of doctors and therapists who will provide optimal comprehensive support during the treatment. During the process, you can count on the help of professionals, specialized in fertility, such as doctors, coaching, psychologists, nutritionists, reflexologists, acupuncturists. And if you live outside of Barcelona, ​​don’t worry, since we are working with professionals from other countries. They will do their best to help you prepare your body and mind for pregnancy.

The great role of the complementary treatments that we put at your disposal, is to improve the fertility of women, as well as men, focusing on their physical and psychological health. But when is it necessary to carry out these treatments? Well, right at the beginning of the assisted reproduction process. It is important, before having an AI or IVF, to count on the reproductive, general and emotional health, necessary for the treatment to be a success.

There are studies that claim that acupuncture increases the chances of pregnancy by 65%, and reflexology by 68%.


The HUB Holistic Giveaway promotion at our IVF Barcelona clinic

Our holistic service is so important that we wanted to start the year collaborating with UNICA and create the Hub Holistic Giveaway promotion.

Do you want to know what it consists of? Well, we will detail all the information you need to know:

Valid from January 11th to February 3rd.

  • Through our two webinars, which will be held on the Fertility Hub IG Live, you can enjoy this promotion. The webinars will take place on January 18th and 24th, at 6:00 p.m., Spain time.
  • Free medical visit.

Two acupuncture sessions at Balance Living (before and after embryo transfer).

  • A session with our fertility coach. For English speakers, the session will be with Stephanie Toulemond; in French with Nicole Wagner; and in Spanish with Ariadna Bonals, our Reproclinic psychologist.

If you are interested and want more information, you can consult this link, where you can find more information about this offer. We will inform you about this news on our social media and newsletter!

At Reproclinic, our assisted reproduction and IVF Barcelona clinic, we want the treatment and the patient experience to be the best. Therefore, we have a great comprehensive support, we work and collaborate with great professionals in fertility, and we provide a unique service.

This year, 2022, we bet on excellence, to be able to achieve your motherhood dream.