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National infertility awareness week

National Infertility Week

A few years ago, the National Infertility Association decided that it was important to raise awareness of the fertility problems that exist and how important it is to help those couples or women who are suffering from these problems. As a result of this goal, National Infertility Awareness Week was born in USA, a project that this year will take place from 18th – 24th April.

Founded in 1989 by RESOLVE, NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week) had a clear goal: to change the conversation about infertility. Many false myths, claims and misinformation have been put forward by companies and legislation to create obstacles and barriers for couples who want to fulfil their dream of creating a family.

A major problem that society has encountered for centuries and centuries of history, although, for more than three decades now, there has been a desire to provide a safe and effective space for:

  • To improve public understanding of the importance of infertility and to give it the attention it deserves and requires.
  • To ensure that people have the information they need to be able to embark on one path or another in the world of fertility and assisted reproduction.
  • Raise awareness of this problem and open the eyes of those countries whose political ideals can affect their citizens.

Orange colour invades April

This colour, orange, is the main protagonist of this day organised by RESOLVE. Why? Orange is a colour that offers a feeling of well-being, warmth, passion… And there are studies that affirm that it creates a greater sense of activity. That is why orange predominates during this week, to give the attendees a sense of awareness, activity and importance on this issue, which is of such concern to a part of society.

Reproclinic, an ARTs clinic that combats infertility problems

Over the years, the percentage of infertility in society has been increasing, statistics that are tending to rise due to delayed childbearing, decreased sperm quality and bad habits, stress, age, among many other factors. However, assisted reproduction was born decades ago to remain as the most demanded alternative, at present, to achieve the dream of many, that of forming a family!

Today we can assure that we are one of the most important assisted reproduction clinics at an international level, and there are many national and foreign patients who are committed to our philosophy, our value proposition in which each patient has a unique team behind them that accompanies them throughout the process, innovative technology, the most advanced systems and professionals who are experts in the field and the best in the sector.

That is why we want to join this initiative to raise awareness and inform society of all the fertility problems that exist and the treatments we offer to deal with infertility quickly and effectively. We also constantly support those who are going through the journey. We run continuous formative live sessions, publish articles, educating about infertility and providing FAQs. At Reproclinic we know that motherhood is priceless, which is why we offer all the facilities for our patients (treatment in their own language, online visits, avoiding unnecessary travel, coordination of treatment with local doctors, baby guarantee programmes, treatment financing, etc.)