International Women's Day - Reproclinic

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Year after year, on March 8th, women around the world are celebrated, and their role as equal members in society is being recognized. On top of that, the 8th of March not only serves the purpose to shed light on women’s achievements throughout history, but it also helps raise awareness of the gender inequalities they face, still to this day.

At Reproclinic, we believe that every woman has the right to decide when to become a mother, without any unnecessary pressure from society. Indeed, sometimes, the journey towards motherhood is not as easy as we imagine it to be, but this is precisely why our team of specialists always treats our patients with kindness and empathy. The work of our doctors, gynecologists, embryologists, nurses, patient and medical assistants, has definitely paid off: together, we have helped hundreds of women and couples overcome their fertility challenges time and time again.

Wanting to have children is something natural for most women. Hardly anything compares to motherhood, as it’s an experience that provides a sense of purpose and meaning to a woman’s life. Yet, not everyone’s journey towards motherhood is as smooth as it can be: many women nowadays cannot manage to conceive naturally, as a result of certain medical conditions, or because of age-related infertility. This is where our brilliant Reproclinic team steps in and presents you with a variety of modern fertility treatments, so that you can fulfill your dream of having a healthy baby.

For younger women, we normally suggest fertility preservation, which enables them to outsmart their biological clock by freezing their healthy eggs for future use. Egg freezing is, in a way, a guarantee that you’ll be able to become a mother in the future.

For single women who don’t struggle with infertility, but would like to have kids, we recommend artificial insemination with donor sperm, as it is a quite simple procedure, done in the clinic, without the need for anesthesia.

For couples who have been trying to conceive for a while, without any success, we usually suggest IVF with ICSI. With this technique, our embryologists can ensure that the sperm and egg are successfully combined, as a single sperm is being directly injected into the egg, and, afterwards, a healthy embryo is beginning to form. It is usually the go-to treatment for couples who have male factor infertility, where fertilization cannot occur naturally due to sperm count, motility, or morphology problems.

Finally, for women who have suffered one or more miscarriages, or those who cannot produce enough quality eggs, we recommend IVF with Egg Donation. By using donated eggs, women of all ages can experience the joy of becoming mothers.

As you can see, at Reproclinic, our patients can choose from a wide range of fertility treatments, which we always tailor to their needs and specific preferences. We are able to help our patients become parents not only because we use the latest assisted reproduction technology and techniques, but also because our skilled doctors have specialized and fertility, and have years and years of experience to back that.

This International Women’s Day, we are close to all women and couples who are currently struggling with infertility. We know that infertility can prove to be emotionally draining and people can feel isolated at times, but remember: better days are coming, our team will make sure of that!