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How can men contribute to the success of reproductive technology

How can men contribute to the success of reproductive technology? Lifestyle, treatment, emotional management

In the face of ART, men often tend to be inhibited, to adopt the role of a bystander or spectator. However, a process like this, like any medical treatment, requires a positive and participative attitude.

At Reproclinic we give importance to the male, understanding that he not only has to provide the spermatozoa for the treatment, but that studying semen has the same clinical and pathological importance as studying any body fluid and that, through its alterations, we can interpret the state of health of the male, make a diagnosis and offer him treatment.

Furthermore, we understand that an ART, like a plot of land in which we want to sow, must be prepared, fertilised and watered. We define this preparation as the 3×3 Formula.

The formula is based on three essential points that we must take care of so that the spermatozoa are as fertile as possible:

1- Good lifestyle habits. Healthy lifestyle:

1. Body weight control (BMI)

2. Non-consumption of intoxicants (tobacco, alcohol and drugs).

3. No stress: learning to manage emotions positively

2- The foods of the fertility diet. What not to eat, what to eat and what to boost:

1. Reduce the consumption of: a) Cofee b) Trans-fats c) Processed and carbonated beverages

2. Encourage the consumption of:

a) Oily fish

b) Citrus fruit

c) Nuts

3. What to boost: food supplements

• At Reproclinic we practice personalised medicine and, therefore, we individualise treatments. We adapt food supplements to the needs of each man.

3- Facilitators. There are a number of neurotransmitters that we call positive or feel-good neurotransmitters. The release of these neurotransmitters regulates the action of hormones and intercellular communication agents, strengthening the immune response and protecting the health of cells, especially reproductive cells. These neurotransmitters are endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, and are secreted when:

1. We practice physical exercise

2. We laugh

3. We have sex

Finally, it is very important to have a proactive state of mind that prepares you to be able to manage emotions in a positive way. Keep in mind that managing emotions correctly, with a positive emotional response, strengthens the autoimmune system. During the reproduction technique, you will be very sensitive, especially the woman, as the stress generated by the technique itself is compounded by the impact of the hormones of the treatment itself.

At Reproclinic we accompany you throughout the process so that you can live this stage from an introspective and positive attitude, experiencing each step in a conscious way, but also from the affections and emotions. A caress, a look of complicity, can have more value than ever.