Holistic Therapy Day - Reproclinic

Holistic Therapy Day

Over time, assisted reproduction has evolved into a multidisciplinary field, with a shift towards recognizing the power of holistic therapy. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recognized the body’s innate ability to heal itself and envisioned a future where healing could occur without solely relying on traditional medicine. Still, for centuries, holistic therapy was dismissed due to the lack of empirical evidence. Fortunately, in recent years, the different benefits of holistic techniques have started gaining recognition among medical practitioners.

On the occasion of Holistic Therapy Day, celebrated annually on July 26, we are going to be sharing with you the reason why we have integrated complementary holistic techniques, alongside our medical treatments, at Reproclinic. First off, holistic therapy acknowledges the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul, and it aims at restoring a harmonious balance to all aspects of our being. Rather than isolating and treating specific symptoms, holistic therapy recognizes that imbalances in one area can have a negative effect on other aspects of our well-being. At Reproclinic, we have never used a “one-size-fits-all” approach when treating our patients, rather, we’ve always prioritized considering each case individually, by taking into account all its peculiarities.

In Spain, very few assisted reproduction clinics offer complementary holistic techniques that could help boost patients’ fertility. Luckily for our patients at Reproclinic, we offer several renowned holistic therapies including fertility coaching, nutrition, acupuncture, and reflexology, all of which have proved to be highly valued and beneficial for our patients. In the following sections, we will briefly explore each of these therapies, highlighting their positive impact on patients’ reproductive health.

Compassion is one of our core beliefs, and we perfectly understand why patients struggling with infertility can sometimes feel frustrated, insecure, or even scared. It has been proven time and time again that profound emotional experiences such as these, can have a large impact on our bodies. And this is precisely why holistic techniques can hold great value: they provide a pathway for us to release all the accumulated stress and overcome the burden of any negative experiences we might have had in the past.

Seeking counseling from a fertility coach could be one way to do that. A fertility coach is there to provide you with unwavering support and guidance throughout your fertility journey, and they do so by equipping you with the necessary tools to navigate the emotional ups and downs that go hand-in-hand with fertility treatments and can help you restore your peace of mind. They can also accompany you when you have to make a difficult decision, such as considering the use of a donor or choosing to become a solo mom. By choosing to work with a fertility coach, you can approach each stage of your fertility journey with confidence and a positive mindset. At Reproclinic, we collaborate with professional fertility coaches who have years of experience in their field, and we’re very happy that, together, we’re able to offer free monthly group therapy sessions to our patients, in both English and Spanish.

Research has also shown that preconception nutrition plays a crucial role in both women’s and men’s fertility, as well as during pregnancy. Nutritionists aim to address any nutritional deficiencies you might have, by designing a nutrition plan specific to your needs. If any gynecological conditions, such as PCOS, dysmenorrhea, or premenstrual syndrome, are present, then it is highly advisable that you follow a special dietary plan. Implementing all these changes will not only improve your overall health but most importantly, it will help nurture and prepare your body for pregnancy. Our collaboration with nutritionists and health coaches could be the solution you were looking for if you feel the need to improve your diet and lifestyle.

Another holistic technique we offer is acupuncture, as it has been linked to higher chances of conception. Furthermore, research has demonstrated that the combination of IVF and acupuncture can increase pregnancy rates by up to 65%. If you’re wondering how this could be possible, the answer is that acupuncture can help bring blood flow to the uterus, and thus a stronger, healthier uterine lining is created for the embryo to grow in. Another one of its benefits is that it normalizes menstrual cycles and regulates hormonal levels. The network of acupuncturists we work with gives you the perfect opportunity to explore a technique that is very likely to accelerate your path to conception.

Reproductive reflexology could be another valuable addition to your fertility journey, considering that it addresses many reproductive health concerns in both women and men. It is non-invasive, it promotes deep relaxation, and its tailored approach aims to regulate menstrual cycles in women, as well as enhance sperm production and functionality in men. By targeting underlying conditions and utilizing medical testing to measure progress, reproductive reflexology integrates seamlessly with conventional medicine.

If we’ve sparked your curiosity, we invite you to request our brochure of holistic treatments and their benefits, available in English, Spanish, Italian, as well as French. Reach out to us today, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!