European Fertility Week - Reproclinic

European Fertility Week

2022 marks the 7th year in a row in which Fertility Europe, a Pan-European organization representing infertility associations, is dedicating an entire week to shed light on infertility problems Europeans face.

With 28 member countries, Fertility Europe aspires to bring patients associations together, as they all have the common goal of raising infertility awareness through education, fertility protection activities, as well as that of providing quality, holistic care for all patients struggling with infertility. Reproclinic shares Fertility Europe’s mission of educating the future generations about a topic that concerns us all, namely, fertility. Another one of our top priorities is ensuring that patients in need have access to trained professionals who can guide, help, and support them. At Reproclinic, we also believe that we should seize every opportunity to spread awareness on (in)fertility, while promoting collaboration between the world’s leading experts in this field. An example of this is our clinic’s participation in the International Fertility Alliance Conference in Prague last month, where scientific topics of interest, such as the newest fertility treatment solutions, were discussed by leading specialists in the field of reproductive medicine.

This year’s European Fertility Week (EFW) will be taking place during the week of 7-13 November, and the theme for 2022 is that of the challenges people face on their (in)fertility journeys, across the different European countries. With over 25 million people in Europe facing infertility, it is essential to acknowledge both the physical and the mental challenges couples face when trying to create or expand their families. Sadly, too many people encounter difficulties in their search for a fertility clinic that matches their needs and is up to their standards. Additionally, seeking medical treatment has become the opposite of straightforward nowadays, and this only highlights the importance of flexibility and personalization needed on behalf of the clinics. Our philosophy at Reproclinic is to offer our patients a completely personalized “VIP” treatment, and, unlike other clinics, you will be assigned the same doctor to supervise your case, from start to finish. You will also get personalized patient care in your language, available 365 days a year. To minimize your stay in Barcelona, we will adapt to your needs at all times, by offering schedules compatible with your daily activities.

To help you take the first step, we have developed an entire network of operations to facilitate your process of learning all about our clinic and the medical team that will treat you. If you currently don’t have a fertility specialist, you can still contact us, and we will assign you to the closest assisted reproduction center in your area, and that way we will be able to coordinate with the fertility specialist in your country to initiate the treatment. Sounds easy? It’s because it is! Don’t wait another day, start working towards your dreams today!