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egg donation in spain

Egg donation in Spain, how does it work?

Do you want to help start a family by donating your eggs? Do you know what the egg donation
in Spain law is? We tell you a little more about it in this article.

On 14 May 2006, it was established that egg and sperm donation should be anonymous,
voluntary, informed and unpaid. There are many women who want to help those who suffer
from infertility problems or who are over the fertile or recommended age to become mothers
(+42 years old). Egg donation is, without a doubt, an act of generosity!

Women who wish to become egg donors should visit our assisted reproduction clinic, where
we will inform them of the whole process and analyse whether they meet the requirements
demanded by law. If you are eligible to donate eggs, you will have to undergo ovarian
stimulation treatment and, later, a follicular puncture to obtain the eggs that will be vitrified
and then transferred to the recipient uterus.

How is donor selection carried out?

First of all, the potential donor will be informed of the benefits of carrying out the procedure,
the donation process and the possible risks involved. The donor must always accept the
process knowing everything perfectly.

Once the woman agrees to donate, a clinical record will be opened with all her information and
she will have to sign the consent form. A psychological evaluation will also be carried out to
assess whether she is ready to take this step or not.

Afterwards, the future donor will have to undergo physical examinations and medical tests that
will be evaluated by a doctor to assess whether or not she is suitable for the donation (vaginal
cytology, breast examination, cultures, blood and genetic analysis).

How egg donation in Spain is carried out?

The first step will consist of a hormonal treatment in which the woman will undergo ovarian
stimulation to provoke an optimal development of follicles. The donor will be given
subcutaneous injections that will mature the ovaries. Our nursing staff will teach you how to
administer the injections. A week after starting this stimulation, you will have to come to the
clinic for check-ups, with ultrasound scans and blood tests, to observe how the follicles are

A few days later, the eggs will be extracted by follicular puncture, guided by ultrasound. The
donor, under sedation and for about 20 minutes, will undergo a transvaginal puncture, in which
the follicles that have been growing during the stimulation will be aspirated through a suction
needle and deposited in a tube. Generally, between 10 and 20 eggs are extracted.
Would you like more information about egg donation in Spain? Contact us or make an
appointment for free and we will inform you in more detail about each step of the process