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Easter is the perfect time to celebrate fertility.

Have you ever thought that Easter is a ready-made fertility holiday?

It’s one of the most popular feasts announcing the arrival of spring. Just look around and see all the spring symbols! All these eggs, bunnies, little chicks and fresh flowers. It sure is not a coincidence. If we look a little further, Easter was a celebration of fertility in ancient times!

The word itself, Easter, is related to Eostre (also known as Ostara), the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the spring, women’s power, and, you guessed it, fertility again. All across the world, traditional societies celebrated spring with fertility festivals and fertility symbols that represented the earth’s rejuvenation under the blessing of the sun.

And all of this makes sense. Spring is the perfect time to celebrate fertility. You see budding flowers, trees leafing out, and baby animals everywhere you look. Let’s look at these Easter symbols a little closer:


Those cute little rabbits symbolize fertility in many world cultures. The reason is simple; the amazing rate at which they produce. Rabbits are associated with prolific sexual activity. It thus became a symbol of vitality, sexual desire and fertility.


Symbols of birth, growth and new beginnings. Every little bud popping out of the earth reminds us of the earth’s fertility and, hopefully, of ourselves. Lilly is a typical Easter flower in many countries worldwide and is associated with sexuality, eroticism, fertility, birth, and motherhood.


A symbol of rebirth and renewal, fertility, abundance and vitality. Eggs are literally a new life. People decorated eggs during the spring equinox in ancient Egypt and Persia and exchanged them as fertility blessings.


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Reproclinic wishes you a Happy Easter!