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¿El ejercicio ayuda a la fertilidad?

Does exercise help fertility?

There are many women who wonder if physical fitness improves fertility. The fact is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, practising moderate exercise and quitting habits such as smoking and alcohol, can improve the chances of getting pregnant.


Now, how does exercise affect your fertility?

Physical fitness is good for all health related subjects, not only fertility, however the belief that a person who practices sports frequently is healthier than one who doesn’t is not true. Both the absence of physical activity and the excess of it can bring a hormonal change and, therefore, difficulties when it comes to becoming pregnant.

An example can be found in women who perform sports at a competitive level and due to strict diets, hormonal supplements and extreme exercises, they can temporarily lose their period.

Women who do little to no exercise at all, on the other hand, tend to maintain a body mass index higher than healthy so their fertility can also be affected in a negative way. Overweight can cause an alteration in hormones, increasing the production of male hormones and increase insulin levels associated with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).


Why is it important to exercise if I want to get pregnant?

Performing exercise often helps maintain a healthy body mass index and reduces the stress of daily problems. Several studies show that women who exercise at least thirty minutes a day maintain a healthy lifestyle in general, which decreases the risk of infertility due to external factors.


What are the benefits of physical exercise on fertility?

In general, any type of sport that does not require high intensity or impact, are highly recommended. The most notable benefits of exercising with assiduity are:

  • Maintain a healthy body mass index.
  • Improve circulation and oxygenation of the system.
  • Help balance hormones and improve their production.
  • Reduce stress and improve self-esteem.


What are the best sports for pregnancy?

Sports known for the balance between body and mind such as yoga or pilates are very fashionable nowadays. The exercises performed in these disciplines reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve body posture and work the pelvic floor. In addition, these are two sports that you can continue with while being pregnant.

However, not only yoga or pilates are physical exercises that help fertility. There are many suitable sports that can be adapted to your rhythm of life and tastes, such as taking a walk. By simply replacing the car for a walk to and from work and using the stairs instead of the elevator, it can be a healthy improvement in your lifestyle without having to waste time going to the gym or classes.

If time is not a problem and you want to immerse yourself in the water to remove all the stress of the day, swimming is the perfect sport for you. With this discipline you will strengthen all the muscles, improve your respiratory system and achieve a greater balance and flexibility. Like yoga and Pilates, it is a sport that can be performed during pregnancy, with specific courses for pregnant women and babies.

Another option is dancing, one of the most fun exercises with which not only improves your health, but also your mind as various studies show that dancing relieves the symptoms of depression and helps improve self-esteem.

Whatever sport you choose, physical exercise can improve your fertility and overall your health.

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