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Brand change communication, Reproclinic

With the arrival of this new year 2021, in which we have placed all our hopes, we want to share with you a very first in our centre. The fact is that, in 2020, we have worked very hard on our service proposal, so much so that we have even decided to change our brand and name; and thus we welcome you to Reproclinic, your fertility clinic where true values define us and where a great slogan represents us: “One patient = One team“. 

From the very beginning, our team has always had a very specific philosophy and very clear ideas, that of not being a simple fertility centre, but of being the clinic where you, our patients, are the top priority, and this is what we want to emphasise with our brand change! 

During 2020, we have carried out a great deal of work, which was even rewarded with a special prize at the IVF Awards 2020: a great project based on different axes, always emphasising the assistance and attention dedicated to our patients.

The first of these areas is undoubtedly the excellence of the support provided. And, on that sense, we are mainly aware of the importance of communication with the medical assistance team throughout the fertility process, as there are an infinite number of doubts and unknown situations that require immediate answers and continuous assistance. This is why, at Reproclinic, you will have a contact person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; you will always receive a totally personalised support, providing you at all times with the confidence, serenity and warmth that you need. Three professionals who will take care of you permanently: a personal assistant, a medical coordinator and a gynaecologist; three references who will guide you throughout the journey. Always having someone you trust, who can solve all your doubts quickly and nimbly, makes the process much easier and reduces the anxiety. Hence our motto: “One patient = One team”, which perfectly defines our fully personalised service. The initial medical consultations, during which your case will be assessed, and your tests’ results evaluated, are completely free of charge and with no engagement. We want you to feel comfortable with what will be your team before you commit to so an important life project!  

Secondly, we are talking about comprehensive support. The integrative approach is extremely important at Reproclinic. Why is this so? Because, there’s no doubt that each person is unique, that means that there’s no valid method, answer or solution for everyone; therefore, each

protocol must be adapted to each patient. In order to achieve a successful treatment, apart from putting oneself in the hands of the best professionals and the best technology, it is also important to find the best own physical and mental balance. Problems such as stress, fear, anxiety, the wrong diet, bad habits, among others, can only harm your reproductive capacity. This is why we encourage you to be the real protagonists of your treatment, by listening to your own needs and helping you to understand and undertake any possible impediment.

It is under this prism that we have developed this new, completely holistic vision, which is what makes us different again! In addition to working closely with doctors and pharmaceutical companies all around the world, we collaborate with many professionals in coaching, psychology, nutrition, reflexology, acupuncture, etc., all focused on fertility, not only in our clinic in Barcelona, but also in several other countries, or even available online, so that you can improve your physical-emotional balance wherever you  are. And don’t miss out on the new projects we have in store for you!

Thirdly, we have created the concept of Stress-Free Motherhood Journey, mainly for our patients living abroad. In order to provide you with the necessary solutions, we will do to know your story and your goals so that we can offer you the best personalised assistance throughout the whole process, all tailored to your needs: in your own language, helping you to organise your trip and even offering you financial support, if needed. At Reproclinic, nothing is impossible: no more language barriers, no more false illusions… this is the only way to attain the pregnancy rates we have achieved! 

Finally, we have developed a programme so that you don’t even have to worry about financial issues: our Refunding Programme, the so-called Baby-Born Guarantee Programme, which consists of three complete IVF cycles with your own eggs or those of a donor, the fixed amount of which will be fully reimbursed if, at the end, as we all wished, you don’t have your baby in your arms. With this programme, we bet on the quality of our work, aiming to undertake, hand in hand with you, the path to motherhood. 

If you want to join our family, if you want our team of professionals to help you to make your dream come true, you just have to contact us here!