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Reproclinic Method

A clinic with the most advanced technology and outstanding, dedicated professionals making it possible to achieve high success rates.

Reproclinic Method

A clinic with the most advanced technology and outstanding, dedicated professionals making it possible to achieve high success rates.

Mission & values


Our vision is based on being able to respond to a medical need for people who do not have the technology, the economic capacity, or the relevant legislation to receive treatment in their countries.


The values ​​that guide us are based on a desire to change the current health care concept:


  • Facilitating the treatment required in the country or at the facility that best suits your needs.
  • Overcoming geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers.
  • Placing the best professionals within people’s reach through the use of new technologies.
  • Customising service to deliver excellence, based on accompaniment by and advice from top-notch professionals.



Our IVF center where reproductive treatments are performed is accredited by the Department of Health of the Generalitat (regional government of Catalonia) and boasts the highest technical quality and pregnancy rates.


Our team has extensive experience in offering treatments to patients from different countries. We guarantee the traceability and security of our biological samples, and work under the regulations of the origin and destination countries, guaranteeing all the processes involved.

Método Reproclinic

Reproclinic has advanced technologies and highly qualified, dedicated professionals capable of achieving high success rates.

How do we go about it?


If you are thinking about receiving an assisted reproduction treatment, and you reside outside Spain, we will help you.

We are aware of the high levels of anxiety entailed by a couple having to travel to another country to undergo treatment, and the emotional stress of not being able to have children, so we have developed a whole network of operations so that, right from home, you can learn about the clinic and the medical team that will treat you.


If you do not have a fertility specialist, contact us and we will assign you the assisted reproduction center closest to your area.


If you have a fertility specialist in your country, we coordinate with him or her to initiate the treatment.




The coordination of treatment consists of:


Assignment of Reproclinic’s trusted team


You will be assigned a specialised doctor, a personal assistant, and a Reproclinic biologist who speaks your language, and who will be responsible for the treatment throughout the process. We want to personalise your treatment as much as possible so that your trusted team is at your side at all times.




You will have an initial videoconference by Skype with your trusted Reproclinic team, and be able to do as many videoconferences as you think are necessary in order to clear up all your questions.


  • An informative consultation with your personal assistant where you will be shown the facilities and explained what you will find during each phase of the process.
  • A medical consultation for you to get all your questions answered and to initiate treatment.
  • A consultation with the biologist in which he will explain how the IVF process is carried out and the work at the laboratory.

In this way we achieve a high degree of trust and confidence in our team, and we can maximize the success of your treatment.


Start of treatment:


Your fertility specialist will initiate your treatment (the necessary blood and other medical tests) and we will coordinate with him/her so that you don’t have to travel until the last moment.


Trip to Barcelona and embryo transfer:


Once you are ready, and depending on the treatment you are to receive, you will travel to Barcelona for between three and seven days. If you wish, Reproclinic can organize the flight, stay, and everything you need for an unforgettable stay in Barcelona. Your personal assistant will be at your side at all times to help you with everything you need. For an in vitro fertilization with your own eggs, the average stay is eight days; and for an in vitro fertilization cycle with donor eggs, it is three days.


Trip home:


Once the embryos are transferred you can return home, where your doctor will handle the pregnancy test and follow-up.