Spain - Fertility Destination 2021 - Reproclinic
Spain - Fertility Destination 2021-Reproclinic

Reproclinic collaborates with the new campaign “Spain – Fertility Destination 2021”

Spain, before the pandemic, was not only a great tourist attraction, but also a destination for many couples or women who wanted to undertake a safe, effective and legal fertility journey. And the fact is that this country offers incredible landscapes, an enviable climate and a dream gastronomy, but also laws that allow many to fulfil their dream of becoming mothers and fathers through assisted reproduction.

For several decades, anyone aged 18 has been able to undergo assisted reproductive treatment, regardless of their sexual orientation, whether they are a single mother or their marital status. Thus, homosexual and heterosexual couples, as well as single women, can undergo any treatment, be it intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) (with their own or donor gametes) or fertility preservation.

“One of the most important problems we face in recent years is a change in the health care system. Thousands of patients comply with the fact that they do not conceive because of economic, cultural or legislative restrictions. These are not only infertile heterosexual couples but also family models such as male couples, female couples, single men and women who require assisted reproductive treatments to have a baby. And the boundaries that exist are cultural, linguistic and religious.” Esther Velilla – CEO of Reproclinic»

On the other hand, those donors who want to altruistically help couples and women who cannot have children on their own by donating sperm or eggs may do so if they meet all the requirements established by law, but always anonymously (except for the ROPA Method, a treatment for same-sex, female couples who must be married to be able to share motherhood).

An infinite number of treatments are carried out in Spain, an aspect that makes this country one of the most sought-after destinations in the world of fertility. More and more patients are taking control of their lives and travelling around the world in order to obtain the best assisted reproduction treatments, to seek methods that they cannot afford in their own country, to find appropriate, quality care, or to escape the legal restrictions of their own country. This phenomenon, called cross-border reproductive care (CBRC), is gaining strength year after year.

Therefore, highly recognised, quality clinics with high rates, expert professionals with extensive knowledge, as well as very advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology have ensured that Spain has been at the forefront of fertility through ART for years. In addition, our country was a pioneer in this sector, thanks to the National Law on Assisted Reproduction, which came into being in 1988. Without a doubt, the Spanish framework is one of the most flexible in Europe and the EU, allowing a wide range of treatments to be carried out, except for gender selection or surrogacy.

Thanks to our work, patient care and our approach to reproductive medicine, we have managed to become a reference clinic, collaborating in campaigns such as Spain – Fertility Destination 2021, in which throughout all year, from 1 April, every week, users interested in this sector will be informed about fertility treatments in Spain, IVF prices, success rates and the most renowned clinics.

A campaign born from the anxiety and uncertainty that many couples and women experience when dealing with the infertility problems that exist and that they are experiencing. Dealing with this obstacle, for many, is an overwhelming experience that, with the help of initiatives such as these, can become a process full of hope and joy.

Reproclinic, how could it be otherwise, is one of the clinics highlighted by our differential values.

Reproclinic and our great slogan One patient= One team

The uncertainty and anxiety about infertility problems or the obstacles that exist in some countries to undergo assisted reproduction treatment will undoubtedly vanish thanks to clinics like ours.

Our value proposition, One patient= One team, has been highly acclaimed by the sector and valued by all those patients who have achieved their dream through our advanced and innovative techniques and our professionals. The integrative support service offered at our assisted reproduction clinic is an essential tool that helps countless women and couples to be able to start a family.

The patient’s experience is currently the most important and necessary point when it comes to undergoing or carrying out an assisted reproduction treatment. The patient is the most important thing, no longer a number but a person who comes to us to achieve a dream.

“Patient experience has become a necessary concept as every detail of this experience contributes to a positive outcome. Some clinics offer multilingual teams of professionals, support 365 days a year, personalised programmes, travel and stay logistics, financial solutions, etc.” Esther Velilla – CEO of Reproclinic”

We continue to collaborate and strengthen our links with the initiatives proposed by the sector, and we continue to be one of the clinics most in demand by national and international patients!