Most common doubts and fears about assisted reproduction treatment

Most common doubts and fears about assisted reproduction treatment

By Reproclinic Editorial Committee

The inability to conceive a child naturally puts couples who want to be parents at extreme levels of stress and anxiety. Infertility can have a deep emotional impact that sometimes has consequences for the normal development of your life.

But not everything ends when the desired pregnancy is not achieved. Assisted reproduction has the most advanced technologies to give a small boost and accompanies you on the road to motherhood. Despite this, there are still many women who, in the fight against infertility, do not go to a specialist doctor.

At Reproclinic we have an extensive team of support partners for our patients. From emotional care during the process to recommendations on nutrition and food. Find out here or contact us to learn more.


Before deciding to go to a fertility clinic


When a couple decides to find a child, they do so full of illusion and enthusiasm. Illusion that little by little fades to give way to anxiety and frustration, when cycle after cycle pregnancy does not arrive.

These are the first doubts that arise, between a lot of uncertainty and impatience to achieve the positive. According to a study published in the journal ‘Human Reproduction’ and made based on the four countries with a large number of assisted reproduction cycles (Spain, Germany, France and Italy), many women tend to be blamed for this. It is recognized to feel ashamed, and even, to feel that they are failing as women. It’s time to go to a specialist.


Fears during assisted reproduction treatment


Once the couple decides to improve their chances of pregnancy thanks to the help of assisted reproduction, doubts can come back. Do you know which are the most common in this case? They are commonly the fear of administering drugs subcutaneously, reactions to medication, or an intense fear of cycles and cycles without achieving pregnancy.

However, all these fears have a solution: information. We tell you below how to clear these fears:

  • The medication administered during an assisted reproduction treatment is totally personalized. It is based on components that our body produces naturally. The risk of suffering a reaction is minimal.


  • In our clinic, patients have a team of nurses at all time who will explain and clarify what, how much and how to administer it. No need to worry!

The medication process is designed to increase the chances of pregnancy. This will optimize the results and bring us closer to the positive search ;-).


Doubts and fears during pregnancy


At last! The expected positive arrives, the baby is on the way. Happiness – and a bit of nerves, too – floods everything and you feel that each step has been worthwhile. And you are right! 🙂

However, the fears do not end here. They are new and new, and now they are related to pregnancy. The most common fear experienced by future mothers is to have an abortion. It can be based on the following causes or reasons:

  • Usually, future mothers are not young, so the risk of having an abortion may be higher.
  • Those factors that could prevent pregnancy could now affect the development of the baby.

It is also common to experience a fear, after the first trimester, that the baby is born prematurely and is born completely healthy. It is common in all pregnancies :-).

Tell us, what are or have been your greatest fears?


Published by Dr Maria Arqué

Medical Director at Reproclinic
Specialist in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine