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male fertility problems

Male fertility problems: causes and prevention

Fertility is a matter of two. In many occasions, when a couple has been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for a long period, it is most of the time attributed to female fertility. However, male fertility problems are more common than previously thought.

That a man is infertile does not mean that he is sterile. Currently, reproductive medicine is advancing along with technology and the training of professionals in the sector. Therefore, many male infertility problems can be solved with the right diagnosis.

What fertility problems are most common in men?

The main problems that men have with fertility are: low sperm count, low mobility of sperm, not properly formed sperm or too dense seminal fluid.

Not only these 4 problems are the most common, there are also other factors such as the lifestyle. For example, it is proven that overweight affects negatively the fertility, both in female and male.




  • Endocrine factor: Alterations in the production or release of male hormones that cause dysfunctions in hormonal development.
  • Obstruction in the seminal tract: It occurs when there is a problem in the routes that transport the sperm.
  • Spermatic factor: Alterations in the characteristics of sperm, whether its mobility, quantity, etc.
  • Sedentary: maintaining a sedentary lifestyle worsens the quality of sperm. In the same way, excessive sports can cause hormonal alterations.
  • Lack of vitamins: It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition will provide all the nutrients and vitamins for proper functioning of the male and female reproductive system. On the other hand, there are studies that indicate that couples who maintain a healthy lifestyle increase the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.
  • Tobacco and toxinsTobacco users have poorer sperm quality. In addition, it can affect pregnancy very negatively if they smoke near the woman. Therefore, if you want to have a child the best time to stop smoking is before trying to conceive. Exposure to other types of toxins such as herbicides, lead or environmental contamination, among others, can negatively affect the quality of a sperm.
  • Use of tight clothing: It is preferable to not wear tight underwear or too tight pants.

What tests are made to rule out male fertility problems?

These are some of the tests that are done to find out if there is a fertility problem in the male partner:

  • Seminogram: we analyze the quality of the sperm. Specifically, volume, PH, morphology, mobility, and sperm concentration.
  • Physical examination of the penis, scrotum and prostate to rule out morphological dysfunctions.
  • Blood test: Hormone levels and health status are observed and possible infections are ruled out.
  • Genetic techniques in blood like the study of karyotype.
  • Genetic technique in spermatozoa such as, for example, the FISH technique (Fluorescent in situ hybridization).

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