Is it possible to maximize the chances of having a healthy baby? Blog

Is it possible to maximize the chances of having a healthy baby?

Having a healthy baby is every parent’s wish. The average age in which the first child is born has increased considerably since the insertion of women into the world of work, this being one of the causes that chromosomal alterations of embryos have increased with them. After reaching the age of 37, the ovules lose quality and from the age of 40 the chances of having a baby with a chromosomal problems multiply.


What options are there for having a healthy baby?

If you are worried about becoming a mom above the age of 37 and that your baby may not be born healthy, do not worry. Thanks to the great medical and technological advances, there are several genetic analysis of embryos and gametes that maximize the chances that your embryo does not suffer from chromosomal alterations. These techniques are:


Method used in IVF treatments where we genetically analyze the embryos before starting the transfer to know which is the most suited.

Through PGD we can detect chromosomal or genetic alterations, such as an embryo being unable to implant in the maternal womb, an embryo being unable to develop (abortion or non-evolving pregnancy), or it being born with Edwards Syndrome or Down Syndrome.


In this test we genetically analyze the donors and the recipient woman or couple that performs the treatment. This way, we assign the ideal donor for each recipient and maximize the chances of the child being born without diseases.

We are all healthy carriers of 5-7 genetic mutations that determine that we are healthy carriers of certain recessive genetic diseases. If our partner or donor is a carrier of the same disease, 25% of children who have it will be sick and 50% will be healthy carriers.

To avoid risks, we make a genetically study on the compatibility of donors and partners analyzing more than 300 recessive diseases.


Through a blood test in the mother during the first weeks of pregnancy, a genetic study called the Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (TIPN) is done where it is studied that there are no diseases in the fetus.

At Reproclinic we maximize your pregnancy chances, reinforcing them by fertility techniques and the newest genetic tests. For us, it’s a very important part of the process to maximize the chances on your baby being born healthy.

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