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Individualised male fertility medicine

A specific treatment for each patient

We will not dispute the role and quality of industrial formulation. Their social and population health contribution is indisputable, and is and will be of incalculable value. However, these medicines are prepared to deliver a dose to the average population. However, a significant part of the world’s population does not conform to this average. For this reason, we believe that the magistral formulation is closer to the paradigm of personalised, individualised and rational medicine that we propose.

Magistral formulation makes it possible to achieve the objective of developing individualised medicines or food supplements that help patients to heal or improve, adapting the active ingredients, doses and route of administration to their needs and requirements. Magistral formulations represent a more precise, specific and effective option than conventional treatments and, therefore, also cheaper for the patient and for the healthcare system.

At Reproclinic we believe in personalised medicine as the adaptation of medical treatment to individual and personal characteristics, and we apply it to the treatment of male fertility disorders. To do this, we use a diagnostic tool based not only on anamnesis and physical examination, but also on analytical studies, diet, body constitution and the lifestyle habits of each man. This new paradigm in the way healthcare is provided allows a specific approach not only to the disorder but also to each individual patient.

There are countless food supplements specifically designed to improve male fertility through a correct nutritional state. However, not all of them act at the same stage of sperm production, maturation or capacitation. They are not all equally adapted to the specific needs of each patient. Each one will need specific active ingredients to correct his problem, a specific dosage and a specific treatment time. That is why we believe in personalised medicine, because the Magistral Formulation allows greater precision in dosage, adaptability to the patient’s needs, individual adaptation of the dose and greater ease of use, improving therapeutic compliance.

We propose treatments that act by providing the testicle with the active ingredients necessary for the correct production of hormones and proteins, DNA synthesis, mitochondrial function and cell division. In this way, they provide the epididymis with the active ingredients necessary to correctly carry out the acrosome maturation process, achieve motility and sperm membrane integrity, and also provide antioxidants to prevent sperm maturation failures due to oxidative damage.

We also take into account providing the seminal fluid with the active ingredients necessary to maintain the biochemical characteristics necessary for the spermatozoa to be fertile until fertilisation of the egg, providing it with the active ingredients necessary to facilitate greater mobility and capacitation of the spermatozoa and the elements necessary to be able to carry out a correct acrosomal reaction. Always adapting the treatment to the specific needs of each male.

There is a growing trend in the field of personalised medicines in line with the significant increase in the prevalence of pathologies due to our lifestyle.

Do you need us to assess your needs and develop an individualised treatment? Do not hesitate to arrange a free initial consultation with our andrology service, so that we can analyse your case and decide which treatment or assisted reproduction technique will be the most appropriate.