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Diabetes and fertility

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin, which results in a high level of glucose in the blood. According to the latest data published by the World Health Organization, around 422 million people in the world suffer from this disorder.


Therefore, we can acknowledge that it is a disease that occurs with a certain frequency among the population. But the question we ask ourselves today is: does diabetes affect female fertility in any way? This post will explain in detail if there is a relationship between them and how it is.


How can diabetes affect fertility?


The main consequences of diabetes in a woman are reflected in the process to get pregnant and in the formation or progress of the fetus. The woman’s body begins to produce to a lesser extent hormones such as estradiol, progesterone and testosterone, necessary for fertility and pregnancy. These hormonal changes, in the long run, can be associated with alterations in the menstrual cycle.


Likewise, diabetes can lead to the appearance of obesity, which in turn directly influences both female and male fertility. At the same time, chances of the child having weight problems in the future increase. Being overweight leads to a series of endocrine and metabolic disorders that can lead to alterations in the menstrual cycle, which can cause the total absence of ovulation.


However, not all cases are the same nor does diabetes affect all women in the same way. If proper control is maintained, diabetes may not affect the fertility of the sufferer nor interfere with the process of assisted reproduction, as well as their chances of success and, therefore, pregnancy. For this, it will be necessary to incorporate certain health habits into daily life to keep it at bay.


Glucose control, the solution


If you suffer from diabetes and you are considering getting pregnant, the most important thing you should do throughout the process is to keep an exhaustive control of your blood sugar levels. A woman with diabetes can get pregnant and have completely healthy babies if she keeps a close watch on diabetes. This way, we can avoid complications in the ovulation, fertilization and pregnancy.


Healthy life habits: recommendations for women with diabetes


Here are some tips to try to stop the possible consequences on your fertility:


  • Make a thorough control of your blood sugar levels, at least once a day and follow the instructions of your doctor.
  • Follow a healthy diet based on the recommendations of your endocrine or general practitioner.
  • The previous step will help you maintain a healthy and stable weight before and during the assisted reproduction process.
  • Do physical exercise regularly. Remember that you should not take it to the extreme or exceed in physical efforts.


This entire process should always be accompanied by a follow-up by the specialist doctor responsible for your progress. If you have any questions, get in touch with us.

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