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Communications Coronavirus Fertty

Communication Coronavirus Fertty

By Reproclinic Editorial Committee



  • Is Reproclinic closed to patients?


No, Reproclinic is not closed: we continue to work remotely.

You can contact us by e-mail:, phone +34 936 55 23 34 or WhatsApp: +34 602 25 31 52.

  • Do you still offer medical consultations by videoconference?


Yes, we continue to offer first appointments and follow-up consultations by videoconference, using our secure digital environment for this purpose.

  • Can we start treatment during the state of alert?


All types of consultations can be carried out remotely, and all preliminary steps can be initiated. As soon as normality is restored, we will contact you to begin treatment as soon as possible.

  • What can patients do until the state of alert is lifted?


Some tests can be carried out remotely, such as donor’s genetic matching:

This requires a prior genetic study and the identification of the mutations that the patient may carry, so that they can be compared with those of the donor and, thus, determine the genetic compatibility between the two of them.

Normally, this study is carried out by taking a blood sample, but it is also possible to do it remotely, sending a saliva sample, which will be analysed, and which results will be used to carry out the genetic compatibility study with the donor.

As these genetic results take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive, this can save us a lot of time.

On the other hand, we also share a lot of very interesting content on our social networks to keep you up to date and we are currently organizing several online events, including webinars or open evenings. We invite you to follow us, so you don’t miss any of them!




Communication Coronavirus Reproclinic

With the new guidelines established for health centres to face the Covid-19 virus, and the measures recommended by the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society) and the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology), the highest European authority on MAP, Reproclinic has adopted the following measures to protect our patients and our entire team’s health:

    • Cease all on-site activity at the clinic until further notice


    • Online consultations to cover all services to our patients in a non-presential way.


The following protocols have been activated for this purpose:

Patients undergoing treatment:

Patients undergoing treatment who require an appointment or online medical consultation can contact us:



    • by Whatsapp: +34 602 25 34 52


Patients who wish to make the first appointment:

At Reproclinic, we continue to work to be able to assist you and offer you the best possible service and to be able to solve any doubts you may have at the moment. Carrying out a MAP treatment usually requires several weeks or even months of preparation (evaluation of the clinical case, diagnostic tests to be carried out, review of the results and preparation of the protocol, etc.). The entire medical assistance team at Reproclinic is at your disposal to assist you free of charge with the first diagnostic consultations, the medical test evaluation appointments and the second consultations for medical advice.

We thank you very much for your understanding the present situation, and we take this opportunity to remind you to follow the recommendations regarding health and safety measures, and to stay at home until the situation is normalized.

The entire Reproclinic team is at your disposal to resolve any doubts or questions regarding the Covid-19 virus.