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Blog article: How to improve the implantation process with a holistic approach?

Implantation is a complex process with many parameters to take into consideration.

Implantation is defined as the process by which the blastocyst attaches to the endometrium. This process begins at the end of week 1, and in the most successful pregnancies, implantation occurs on day 8 or 10 after ovulation.

The number one parameter to consider for efficient embryo implantation is the quality of the embryo itself. If the embryo is of good quality and the uterine lining is well prepared, there should be good chances of success.

But the purpose of this article is not to repeat the same indications given by doctors and specialists. This blog article is made for those who want to naturally and effectively improve embryo implantation thanks to the holistic approach. All the holistic techniques listed below are available at Reproclinic. So do not hesitate to ask your coordinator to learn more about them!


What techniques are available at Reproclinic, and what can you practice at home?


A psychologist consultation

Apart from affecting your body, the IVF process can also affect your mental health. Many different emotions arise during the fertility journey: a feeling of guilt, anxiety, stress… IVF treatment can be a roller coaster of emotions and might lead to hormone imbalance impairing fertility. That is why we advise you to consult with a psychologist or fertility coach to give you some tools to manage emotions and situations during this complicated process.



Reflexology enables you to get relaxed and feel well. It consists of focusing on pressuring certain foot places to work on the nerves connected to the reproductive system and brain to balance hormones and boost fertility.



This holistic technique can increase the chances of pregnancy up to 65 %. Acupuncture improves the luteal function and uterine flow, improving the uterus receptivity and preparing it to receive the embryo. It also enables patients to get relaxed before, during and after treatment. We recommend doing as many sessions as possible, but patients usually choose one session just before the treatment and one right after.



Meditation is an underrated method when striving for a successful IVF treatment. By meditating, you can keep your mind away from stress and negativity. Meditation also reduces cortisol levels which can otherwise impact your body’s performance during the treatment. Only 10 or 15 minutes of meditation a day for a month can make a significant difference.



A healthy diet can do wonders for your body to facilitate the implantation process. For example, avocado, a popular green fruit containing vitamin E, increases the thickness of the endometrium and thus the chances of having successful implantation and healthy pregnancy. At Reproclinic, we provide our patients with a nutrition service led by specialists to offer nutritional support and diagnosis. Together we can design nutrition programs and propose some diets to help you focus on improving fertility.


At Reproclinic, we believe that infertility should be treated with non-medical techniques to prepare the body and mind to receive the embryo. We are here to help you follow your dream of having a baby!