10 recommendations when choosing an Assisted Reproduction Clinic

10 recommendations when choosing an Assisted Reproduction Clinic

The rate of infertility in the world continues to grow, reaching almost to a 20% according to the latest data.

The number of Assisted Reproduction centers or clinics is increasing, but beware: not all of them work the same. We are going to share with you a couple of recommendations so, from our experience, the choice of the Assisted Reproduction Clinic will be the right one for you. We will start with the importance of the team and we will mention all those factors that we consider important.


1. The specialty and experience of the medical team

It is essential for the success of the treatment to have professionals of prestige and extensive experience. At Reproclinic we create work teams, led by a senior professional who will be directly responsible for your case. It is important the connection between the specialist and the patient, since sometimes it is a long process where the mood sometimes decays and it is essential to feel accompanied. Reproclinic’s medical team is made up of professionals with extensive international experience, specialized in dealing with foreign patients.


2. Latest technology to achieve the best results

Having advanced technology is essential. From the beginning of the process, in order to get a good diagnosis that ensures you’re applying for the correct treatment, that is the most appropriate for that specific case. Subsequently it is important to have innovative techniques for optimal results.


3. Personalized treatment

Each case is unique and therefore solutions can not be standardized, each woman, each couple must be treated individually, according to their situation, their specific problem and offering the most appropriate solution for their case. At Reproclinic we will assign you a personal assistant, a nurse and a doctor who speaks your language. The personal assistant will give you all the information and support you need and will help you booking the trip and the hotel, in case you require it. Once you arrive in Barcelona, ​​a car will pick you up at the airport and escort you to the hotel or clinic. Your personal assistant will accompany you on visits to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


4. Close treatment and constant support

Any woman who starts an Assisted Reproduction treatment should feel at ease from the first moment. It is important that they listen to you and support you throughout the process, there may be hard times and the team must be available to make the patient feel that she is not alone. Did you know that in Reproclinic we have a psychological support unit to help you before and during the treatment?


5. Safety of treatments (Witness)

For us, biological security is fundamental. For this reason, we have a Wittness system in which all your biological samples are controlled at all times. Our genetics laboratory works with a total guarantee of both safety and traceability with donors.


6. Good information about the treatment

Communication and clear information about the treatment that is going to be carried out is fundamental because it increases confidence and tranquility.
In Reproclinic you will make a first videoconference with your trusted team to get to know us and you will be able to make as many videoconferences as you think necessary in order to clarify all your doubts.


7. Center facilities

A modern, comfortable and innovative space for the patient to feel their best is also important. Have you seen our facilities? They will surprise you!


8. Legal documentation and privacy

The patient must sign the legal documents that guarantee their protection. The clinic guarantees the patient’s privacy at all times.


9. Apply gentle treatments for women

It is important to respect the woman’s body and be sincere. We always apply the least invasive techniques, starting with the softest treatments.


10. Understanding today’s motherhood

The concept of family has evolved, and today’s mothers respond to different situations and family models. It is fundamental for us to respond to each and everyone of their needs.

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